Jessie Woodgate

After years working in oils, I recently moved over to watercolour. The change has been extremely exciting; it has taken me on a completely new journey, given me a change of focus and style.

The difficulty of the medium has made me competitive with myself, which has led me to make each new painting more and more complex. I have developed a curiosity with the small details and try to highlight those and bring them forward in my work.

I am interested in the mix of history and modernity and explore this with images of derelict, once grandiose buildings now covered with graffiti and street art. I am fascinated by our incessant human need to communicate visually, from the earliest cave paintings through to present forms such as graffiti and street art, where people rally, protest and express their feelings to the world.

​I see beauty and intensity in abandoned places and objects; crumbling, decayed buildings and once loved boats neglected and rotting in deserted landscapes. Whilst there are talking points and purpose beyond just aesthetics to my work, my ultimate goal is to produce well balanced compositions and pleasing images that people want to hang in their homes.

Experience to date:

  • Finalist Sunday Times Watercolour Competition 2019

  • Shortlisted Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2019

  • Contemporary Art Fairs – Newbury and Windsor (May and Nov 2019)

  • Talented Art Fair – (March 2019)

  • Shortlisted The Secret Art Prize 2018, hosted by Curious Duke Gallery

  • Group exhibition – Candid Arts, Angel, London (April 2018)

  • Solo exhibition - Bar 90, Hackney Wick (August 2014)

  • Group exhibition - Top Floor Gallery, Mother's Studios, Hackney Wick (June 2015)

  • Group exhibition - Hackney Wicked festival (2014, 2015)

  • Annual Summer open studios, Mother's Studios, Hackney Wick (2014, 2015, 2016)

  • Annual Christmas open studios, Mother's Studios, Hackney Wick (2014, 2015, 2016)

  • Summer open studios, Hackney Downs Studios (July 2014)



Athens Graffiti House 15a