Limited edition giclee print of the painting 'Hope'. This lady was siting in a doorway in Istanbul drinking tea. I’ve paired her contemplative yet very alert stare with graffiti that reflects what I think she could be thinking about; I noticed a lot of political graffiti in Istanbul showing the hopes of Turkish people, particularly with regards potential new leaders that could bring more fairness and democracy to the country. “Dikkat var” means pay attention, so what I’m trying to say in the painting is that if you pay attention to what’s being said, you’ll see that there is always hope - but you can interpret it however you like!


There are 2 print sizes (A2 and exact replica). for the A2 there is an edition of 35 and for the Exact Replca there is an edition of 15. Prints are shipped in a tube.

Limited edition print of 'Hope'