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I am a London based painter working in oil and watercolour. A vivid imagination and eclectic life experience from living in Indonesia and America, fuels my paintings.

My work presents female lived experience through an autobiographical lens. Growing up in an age of blurred consent, misogyny, supermodels and a diet industry on steroids, I investigate the impact of these influences. I explore fertility, mothering, childlessness, body image, abuses of power and the representation of women.​


Drawing on renaissance, symbolist and surrealist art as well as feminist artists, I create fragmented narratives and stage allegorical tableaux by using symbolic foods, plants and objects, bodies, ancient figurines and imagined landscapes. ​

Having suffered from anxiety and panic attacks, I am interested in human psychology and altered states. Conflicts between reality and the imaginary surface in my work, as realistic and expressive painting techniques fuse within surrealist realms, to evoke a sense of disconnection and unease.

Having studied Theatre for my first degree, storytelling is important in my work. I like creating mystery, tension and narrative in my paintings, and do this by employing techniques such as world building and stage setting, in the hope that the viewer will experience a sense of intrigue and questioning.

I am currently studying a Masters in Fine Art at City and Guilds of London Art School.



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