​I am a London based painter currently working in oil and watercolour. I explore stories of human experience and emotion and our relationships with each other but also how we interact with nature, objects and places.


Human experience is an endless and fascinating subject and in my current series I am focused on painting hands, as they reveal so much about us. Hands, the key appendage that separates us from animals. We use our hands to create, to touch, to hold, to soothe, to inflict harm, to engineer, to signal, communicate, express and to gesture. Hands are also portraits, with every line, shape and crease the signature of a person.


Having studied Drama at University, storytelling is important in my work. I like creating mystery in my paintings and want the viewer to feel like something is about to happen or may have just happened. I aim to create tension, leaving the viewer with a sense of intrigue and questioning. I draw on personal experience, dreams and memories to engage the viewer and hope that by setting the scene, their imagination will then form their own experience of the work.