I am a London based artist currently working in watercolour. Having lived in both Indonesia and New Orleans, I have developed an appreciation and curiosity of other cultures which I include in my work.

Inherently a city person, this is where I am the happiest so it is no surprise that I have focused my lense on ‘urban life’. My work illustrates the city as a living, breathing thing in all its grot and glory by exploring its buildings, streets and people.

When I include figures in my work I try to show emotion and feeling in their gazes and gestures. In my paintings I also present the funny or odd interactions and confrontations that I see when I am out photographing people for my work. By presenting a window into the lives of strangers, I am hoping my work lures the on-looker in and asks them to wonder about the interactions in the scene and to be curious about the lives of these characters.

I am interested in history and like to tie the past to the present by referencing historical moments and individuals, to remind the viewer of the importance of looking back and to consider how our past continues to shape and influence us. Finally, my work seeks to record our current history, a snap-shot of contemporary urban culture.

Recent successes include being shortlisted for the RA Summer Exhibition 2019, exhibiting as a finalist for The Sunday Times Watercolour Competition 2019 and being shortlisted for Secret Art Prize 2018.